Political discourse

 What is political discourse about?

In this section I will discuss current affairs that I am avidly interested in. I will draw upon political theory. So you can expect to see names like Rousseau, Plato, Aristotle, Frantz Fannon and many, many more.

Most of these articles will be based on African economic, social and political development. As many of you know, politics is interconnected to social and economic development thus it would be impossible to discuss one without the other two.

You can read this section by going to categories and clicking on Political discourse, or by clicking on this link: http://amandlaawethu.org/misbeloved/category/political-discourse/

What qualifies me to discuss political discourse?

I am political science scholar. I have a degree in Politics and public Policy Administration. I do not pretend to be the best political science scholar; however I do consider myself a concerned citizen who wishes to instigate positive change and development. Like Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in his book, On the Social Contract:

“As I am born a citizen of a free state, and a member of the Sovereign, I feel that, however feeble the influence of my voice can have on public affairs, the right of voting on them makes it my duty to study them…”

What do I hope to achieve through the political discourse tab?

I hope to end corruption, tribalism, ignorance, and partisan citizenry. I will achieve this by writing objective and well thought out articles that will encourage others to educate themselves further in these matters rather than blindly following political leaders.

I also hope to inspire others to take arms and use resources at their disposal to change the world we live in.

Yes, I am very aware that I sound very idealist, but let’s not forget that politics stemmed from political ideology.

What wouldn’t I tolerate?

Although I encourage debate and loads of commentary on my blog, I will not tolerate any form of ignorance, that being Tribalism, Racism, Sexism and any other form of generation. I will also not tolerate any political campaigns or intimidation. This is a forum aimed at educating and informing the masses. It is a forum that calls upon the respect and admiration of Africans.

How do you access these articles?

Click on political discourse, under the categories tab.


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