Your space

What is your space?

Your space is a section of my blog that I dedicated to rape, sexual assault and sexual violence victims, & survivors to express themselves.

This space can also be used by friends and family of the victims. Like I’ve said before, you may not have experience the physical trauma, but you certainly can see the pain your friend or loved one is experiencing.

You can express yourselves by writing poems, blog posts/articles, you can draw, paint, take a picture or video, however you want to tell your story.

You can even send me songs; videos or other things that helped you overcome your trauma. Whatever you think can help other victims.

I know firsthand how difficult it is to speak out. However if and when you’re ready to speak out, you’re welcome to use this virtual space to do so.

You can read this section by going to categories and clicking on Your space, or by clicking on this link: http://

How will Your Space work?

Send your work via email and I will post it for you. In the email please state whether you would like me to post your work anonymously or if you’d like to use a screenname or is you would like to use your legal name.

My email address is:

Are there any rules you have to follow?

Yes there are. Firstly, you cannot mention your rapist by name or make it extremely obvious who you’re talking about, because this could easily lead to a defamation suit.

Secondly, because of the legal principle called sub judice, you cannot talk about a case that is before a judge, until the case has been ruled upon.

Final thoughts?

I need you to know that there is no correct or incorrect way to speak out. However you choose to express yourself is the correct way for you :0)







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