My Memoir as a Rape Victim and Survivor!

What is Memoir of a Rape Victim/ Survivor about?

Memoir of a rape victim is my space to tell my story.

In May 2009 I was violated by a guy I thought was my friend. Sometime after I was raped, I found refuge at Rape Crisis Centre in Observatory, Cape Town. They diagnosed me with Rape Trauma Syndrome. This is a psychological illness that manifests itself like PTSD. Although I did get a great deal of help from Rape Crisis centre Cape Town, I had to seek further medical attention. It took me a number of years to find the correct psychiatrist and psychologist, thus I struggled with clinical depression for a long, long time.

You can this section by going to categories and clicking on memoirs of a rape victim and survivor, or by clicking on this link: My Memoir as Rape Victim and Survivor Archives – Amandla Awethu- Power to Us!

What is my message to other survivors?

There were many instances when I wasn’t sure I would ever recover, let alone find the will to live. I lived as a shadow of myself; it was only in at the end of 2014 after much needed help, that I found the courage to break my silence and made a conscious decision FIGHT FOR THE LIFE I DREAMED OF.

I want to encourage whoever is reading this. You too will make it out the other side. It’s not going to be easy, but you can do it. YOU ARE BELOVED, PRECIOUS, STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL!

What is my message to family and friends of rape victims?

Use this blog as you base of information. Educate yourself on the impact that sexual assault has on victims, the negative impact that victim blaming and shaming has, and the countless myths and misconceptions that surround this crime.

In addition offer a survivor some support and kind words. Remind them this was and WILL NEVER BE THEIR FAULT.

What shouldn’t you do?

If you feel like you don’t have the emotional capacity to be there for rape victims or sexual assault victim, refer them to someone who can assist them. DO NOT SHAME THEM OR REJECT THEM. Rejection will only increase the victim’s trauma, shame, anxiety and fear. Trust me I’ve experience this firsthand so I know.

What do I want from you, my readers?

Join the fight against rape, sexual assault and sexual violence; and help me spread social awareness and educate everyone you have access to by using any platform available to you.

We must demand for better and stricter legislation, legislation that is effectively implemented and free access to emergency health care for victim’s world wide.

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